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A leaking tap is a small, yet endlessly irritating inconvenience that many bathrooms are cursed with. The constant dripping of a tap may not seem like a big enough issue to address, but it can be a maddening thing to put up with in an otherwise peaceful household. Not to mention the amount of water that is wasted the longer you allow taps to leak, which hurts both the environment and your wallet.

Instead of letting this problem pursue, contact Adelaide Plumber to permanently put an end to your endless water waste. We understand how infuriating leaking taps can be, and our plumbers love seeing the relief on a client’s face after a job well done, no matter the size. So, don’t be embarrassed to call on us to correct this problem, whether it be for one annoyingly persistent tap in particular, or all the taps on your property.

Stop Leaking Taps

When we go to fix the tap, our goal is to figure precisely what it is causing the dripping. Should it be discovered that the leaking is due to improper assembly or another similar issue, we will gladly reassemble it for you to prevent even bigger problems from occurring in the future. You do not need to be alarmed about suddenly seeing an extra service on your bill without warning, as we will inform you beforehand of any additional costs that may come up. We will not bill you before getting your consent on every item and service.

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Not only can a simple fix relieve you of the frustration building up because of a leaking tap—it is also more economically friendly. Rather than paying for a water tank service in an area with water supply problems, you can fix your leaking tap for much less, killing two birds with one stone. So, if a leaking tap has been bothering you, give us a call now on 1300 138 827 or fill out a free quote request form on our website today.


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So, if your pipes require an immediate fix or if you even suspect that something may be wrong, contact us straight away!

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