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When it comes to plumbing, there is always the concern of going over budget paying an hourly rate. This uncertainty about costs can discourage you from reaching out to professional plumbers, but with Adelaide Plumber you can leave all those concerns behind because we offer fixed cost plumbing for all of our services.

With paying an hourly rate, you can never be sure how much the total cost will amount to, especially if there are unexpected hindrances during the job. However, our offer of a fixed cost for any plumbing service allows you to gauge precisely the cost of the job, since it is based on a preset rate for the service and not the amount of time it takes to complete said service.

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Adelaide Plumber considers customer safety and satisfaction our top priority, and our fixed cost plumbing plan is one of the ways we try to help you maximize the results of your investment. Should we discover any previously undetected issues with your plumbing whilst on the job, we will alert you and let you know of any additional cost required to fix them. We will never add items onto the bill before consulting you first and getting your consent.

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Another benefit of our fixed cost plumbing plan is you can get a close approximation for the final cost of our services with a few simple clicks. The free quote feature on our website allows for a much more accurate estimate of total plumbing service costs in comparison to plumbing companies charging an hourly rate. Try it out now by filling in the form on our website for a free quote or reach us by calling 1300 138 827.


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So, if your pipes require an immediate fix or if you even suspect that something may be wrong, contact us straight away!

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